The Ewing Environmental Commission (EEC) is an appointed board composed of nine Ewing residents dedicated to preserving, protecting, developing and using natural resources within Ewing Township. The EEC may conduct research into the use and possible use of the open land areas of the Township and may be called upon to advise the Mayor,  Township Council and Planning Board on the same.  Members serve staggered three year terms.


Ewing Township’s Environmental Commission (EEC), was established by ordinance in 1974 and has met continuously since.  The Commission plays a role in land development decisions in the Township including performing environmental site reviews for the Planning Board.


Logo Environmental-FC

In early 2012 the Arts Commission agreed to sponsor a contest to design a new logo for the EEC.  The winning design, seen at left, was submitted by Lisa Snyder, principal and founder of Elle*Eye Design, LLC. It is representative of a global reach with a local touch (the foot outline looks like New Jersey); in addition, it includes green for vegetation and forests, blue for water and sky, and adds a Ladybug for integrated pest management!


Ewing Township was awarded silver level Sustainable Jersey certification in 2016!  The Ewing Green Team worked in cooperation with the Ewing Environmental Commission and Township staff for much of 2016 to document the many actions that the township has taken to make Ewing a more sustainable community.  These actions range from running a Green Fair, to performing energy audits on municipal buildings, to enhancing our community gardens, recycling and waste reduction efforts, the NRI and Community Forestry Plan and much more.


ANJEClogoThe Ewing Environmental Commission is an active member of ANJEC, the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions.  ANJEC is a non profit organization which provides resources to environmental commissions throughout the state to preserve natural resources and promote sustainable communities.  Ewing’s membership in ANJEC includes the workshop plan which covers free workshops and publications.

Past Chairman Lee Farnham is on the Board of ANJEC.


ERI and Conservation Element to the Master Plan

In 2005 and 2006, Ewing obtained a grant allowing the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to produce an Environmental Resource Inventory and a Conservation Element in conjunction with the revision of the Master Plan.  The impetus for the creation of the document, and its guidance and review, came from the Ewing Township Environmental Commission.   In 2013 a climate and air quality update to the Environmental Resource Inventory was published.  In 2016 an Update to the ERI was completed by L&G Planning – 2016 Update Environmental Resource Inventory: Township of Ewing, Mercer County, New Jersey.

The Ewing Green Team

GTlogoIn 2009, the EEC convinced the Mayor and Council to establish and support a Green Team (GT).  John Hoegl was the founding Chair of the Green Team.  He, along with Pete Boughton and Lee Farnham were partners in supporting it’s establishment.  The EEC and GT have cooperated ever since, including several who are dual members.

Community Forestry Plan

With help from a $3,000 grant through DEP in early 2011, the township of Ewing submitted it’s Community Forestry Management Plan 2012 – 2016: An Action Plan for Community Forestry to the DEP (Forestry Division).  This report was prepared under the guidance of the EEC assisted by William Brash, Jr., Executive Director of the Mercer County Soil Conservation District and certified Tree Expert.  In 2017 an update to the report was also completed by William Brash.  The updated document Township of Ewing: Community Forestry Management Plan: An Action Plan for Community Forestry – 2017 -2021 was submitted to the NJ State DEP and approved October 6, 2017.

With the acceptance of the plan by DEP (mid-January, 2012), Ewing became eligible to apply for grants  under the Community Support Incentive Program (CSIP) if available that would allow funding of some of the priorities identified in the plan: public tree inventory, hazard tree assessment, Township tree ordinance, etc. Unfortunately, due to State budget constraints only limited funding to communities has been available.  The EEC continues to pursue this option.

Other Projects

Other recent projects by the EEC have been community education via an annual Community Fest, trails development that enlisted Scouts, HS and College students and citizens as well as Township staff in improving the paths, reducing the presence of invasive species along trails and waterways and encouraging Transit Oriented Development and Complete Streets. They are currently active in forestry concerns including a tree of the month reach-out to citizens.

About this Site

This website was created by the EEC using WordPress.  Its content is for educational purposes only. Photos are courtesy of volunteers, purchased, or public domain pictures.

Webmaster: EEC member Joanne Mullowney is in charge of updating and maintaining this Web site.

Funding and Support

The Ewing Environmental Commission also gratefully acknowledges the funding and support for this site provided by Ewing Township.


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