Ewing Township Documents

Ewing Township Master Plan,
Draft prepared by Schorr-DePalma – February 2006

Conservation Element of the Master Plan for the Township of Ewing
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission [DVRPC], 2007.

2016 Update Environmental Resource Inventory [ERI]
L&G Planning (Originally prepared by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission), 2016

Resolution of the Planning Board of the Township Of Ewing, in the County Of Mercer, New Jersey, Appending the 2016 Environmental Resources Inventory to the Ewing Township Master Plan; September 1, 2016, Charles W. Latini, Jr., Zoning Official.

Environmental Resource Inventory [ERI]
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission [DVRPC], 2005.

Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) for Ewing Township, Mercer County, New Jersey Appendix: Climate and Air Quality
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission [DVRPC], October 2013

Community Forestry Management Plan 2012 – 2016: An Action Plan for Community Forestry
Ewing Township Environmental Commission in cooperation with New Jersey Forest Service, December 2011

Ewing Township Redevelopment Agency [ETRA] Documents

Olden Avenue Redevelopment Plan
Ewing Township Redevelopment Agency, September 2009

Lennar Site Development Plan

Parkway Avenue Redevelopment Plan
CWL Planning, January 8, 2013
Adopted Township Council January 29, 2013

Mercer County Documents

Mercer County Transportation Plan

County Parkway Avenue Redevelopment Plan

emerald_ash_borerRutgers Reports Re: Ewing Twp.

EAB Rapid Ash Survey Report and Management Options, Prepared for the Township of Ewing, Mercer County , NJ, By The Rapid Ash Survey Team (RAST) October 2015
Rutgers report of October 2015 prepared to help guide Ewing through the future decisions regarding its urban ash tree population as the effects of emerald ash borer begin to impact NJ communities.

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