Education and Outreach

The EEC participates regularly at two annual Ewing events, the annual National Night Out in August and Community Fest [CommFest], in late September or early October.  Look for the EEC table to catch up on local environmental news and talk to EEC members.  In addition, the EEC is involved in other outreach events as occasions require, such as the Summer of 2014’s drive to petition the Christie Administration to remain a participant in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Check out our Environmental Quizzes conducted at CommFest.  Can you answer all of the questions correctly?

Test Your Environmental IQ Quiz 2018

Take Our Quiz!

Test Your Environmental IQ Quiz 2014

Take the EEC 2014 Enviro Quiz!

Test Your Environmental IQ Quiz 2012

Test Your Environmental IQ - 2012 Quiz!

Environmental Insights

In addition, the EEC partners with the Ewing Green Team in an Environmental Insights Series, reguarly offered environmental presentations designed to engage Ewing residents in a public conversation about critical environmental issues and to spark new ideas concerning sustainability.  They are held irregularly throughout the year.  Check our Calendar page for future offerings.

June 2015 Environmental Insights Event

Invasive Species in the Landscape: Together We Can Nip Them in the Bud,  a presentation and discussion led by Susan Brookman, Executive Director of the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team.  The presentation will cover questions like “What is an invasive species? Do I have them in my home landscape? And why is it so important that they be eradicated?” Ms. Brookman, says that invasive species cost an estimated $140 billion in annual loses in the US.  They cause great damage to the local ecosystem, crowding out natives and are considered the second greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide.  Despite the damage they cause, they are still readily available at nurseries in New Jersey
Date: Wednesday, June 24th
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Ewing Senior and Community Center, Community Room
Details:  All are welcome

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