Ewing Elected Officials

2022 Board and Officers

Chair: Evan Crumiller
Vice Chair: Joe Mirabella

  • Evan Crumiller (term exp 12/31/22)
    Evan Crumiller is a graduate of the George Washington University. He is also a member of the Condemnation Board and the Green Team. He is the creator of the Ewing Green Business Recognition Program.
  • Charles Maack (term exp 12/31/23)
    NDJEP  43 years (retired), worked in the Water and Hazardous Waste Compliance and Enforcement programs.  Life long gardener.  BS, Environmental Science, Rutgers.
  • Joseph-Mark Mirabella  (term exp 12/31/22)
    NJDEP 31 yrs. (retired), Ewing Redevelopment Agency, BS & MS Environmental Science, Rutgers
  • Joanne Mullowney  (term exp 12/31/22) [Webmaster]
    IT Librarian – Webmaster and Technology Training Supervisor at East Brunswick Public Library (retired) (MLS – Rutgers), a lifelong gardener and current Chair of the Ewing Green Team.  She is currently the Ewing Township Webmaster.  She joined the EEC in 2016.
  • Rodney T. Jenkins (term exp 12/31/23)
  • Robert Kirby (term exp 12/31/22)


Members of the Ewing Environmental Commission, with the exception of new appointees, have all completed the course on the Fundamentals for Effective Environmental Commissions given by ANJEC (Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissioners) or Rutgers University’s Environmental Stewards program. Several members have attended presentations on Trees, Water Protection, Air Pollution, and other environmental topics.


goldrunsceneSince arboriculture is constantly changing with fast-paced technological and scientific innovations, Ewing recognizes the need for a broad based and ongoing training program for individuals at all levels of the Shade Tree Management Program. From Public works Employees to Committee Members and Administrators, all need continued technical and managerial information to benefit Ewing’s tree resource.

Current Training

The Ewing Environmental Commission and the Department of Public Works have a portion of their budgets dedicated to ongoing training of its Committee members and Public Works Crews.  The Ewing Environmental Commission encourages and provides for its members to participate in continuing education classes and CORE training as included in the New Jersey Shade Tree & Community Forestry Assistance Act.

  • Environmental Commission member Joe Mirabella is CORE trained as are a number of Township employees.  Members of the Environmental Commission also regularly attend continuing education courses at the Shade Tree Federation’s annual meetings every October.

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