What We Do

The mission of the Ewing Environmental Commission is the preservation, protection, development and use of the natural resources within Ewing Township.  As such, it studies and makes recommendations to the Township Council and the Planning Board concerning open space preservation, water resources management, air pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, soil and landscape protection, environmental appearance, and protection of flora and fauna throughout the Township.  Members also review all applications sent to the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment to evaluate their impact on the environment (See Site Review).

Regional Activities
The EEC participates in regional activities and interacts with neighboring community environmental organizations.  EEC members are taking an active role in the newly formed Mercer County Sustainability Coalition, an alliance of sustainability organizations Mercer County which is working to promote green initiatives.   It is a contributing member of ANJEC (Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions).

Ewing Green Team
The EEC also works closely with the Ewing Green Team and always has at least one member to act as a liaison.  Several members of the 2015 EEC are also appointed to the Green Team.  They are John Hoegl, Joe Mirabella and Joanne Mullowney.

The EEC also serves to educate township residents through environmental information and programs and works to protect the Township’s environmental resources for health and well being of present and future residents.  Look to see the EEC at Community Fest, the local annual Community Fair, trails clean ups and development that enlisted Scouts, HS and College students and citizens as well as Township staff, reducing the presence of invasive species along trails and waterways and encouraging Transit Oriented Development and Complete Streets. They are currently active in forestry concerns including a tree of the month reach-out to citizens.  Check out the pages below for additional information.

Developing Projects

  • Habitat Restoration
    Working to restore habitat in existing and proposed detention basins in town
  • Designated Natural and Recreational Community Spaces
    Working with the Township Planner to increase connectivity between existing parks and natural areas
  • Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) Update
    The current Environmental Resource Inventory was created in 2005 and is due for a revision
  • Ordinance Review
    Working to create sustainable guidelines for future  township development

3 comments on “What We Do

  1. I think I have an ash tree in bad shape and worry about it coming down. Woodpeckers love the tree. Have many trees here. Does the township trim or remove these trees if they are dying? Is there a way to feed and help the tree survive?


    • I wish I had some good news and answers for you about your ash tree. First off, what is wrong MAY NOT be the Emerald Ash Borer, but it probably will be eventually. We have just posted on our EC web site an article about the borer. As you will read, there is nothing that can be realistically be done about it at this time and it definitely is in Ewing. Ewing Township will only remove ash trees that are on public property or Rights of Way. Would you please let me know if you receive this? If I don’t hear, I will try again.

      Ann Farnham, LLA


      • Thanks so much for the info. My tree is dying and the PSE&G truck actually hit one of the branches last year and caused it to collapse across the side walk and my driveway. So my son and I worked very hard to get it cut in half s it could be removed. I do not know if the tree is sick and I assume it is in trouble and that it is an ash tree. I have huge trees here and the house was built in 1926 by M. Pearce and I bought it in 2001.

        Thank you for your reply.

        Barb Brandt
        200 Buttonwood Drive


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