Plant of the Month

totmThe EEC has worked to raise public awareness as to the care of and benefit of trees through it’s Tree of the Month series published in the Ewing Observer since 2011.  These articles provide a great repository of information on the species that can be grown in our area.

After focusing on tree species for nearly five years, beginning in October 2015, we expanded the series offerings with advice on specific tree and shrub care issues such as planting and pruning, pests and diseases, invasive species and much more.  The series has been renamed to Plant of the Month.


Spicebush – September
Black and Weeping Willows – March


American Elm – July


Christmas Trees – December
Autumn Splendor [Changing Leaf Color] – November
Substitutes for Dirty Dozen of Invasive Plants – October
Stilt Grass [Microstegium viminium] – September   (Do not plant!!)
Running Bamboo [Phyllostachys spp.] – July (Do not plant!!)
There is no June 2017 Plant of the Month
Saucer Magnolia [Magnolia x soulangiana] – May
More Bad News About Non-Native Plants – April
(Native) Plants of the Month – March
Eastern Red Cedar [Juniperus virginiana] – February
River Birch [Betula Nigra] – January


Christmas Trees – December
Autumn Splendor [Changing Leaf Color] – November
Fall Planting [A Short Course] – October
Tree of Heaven – [Ailanthus altissima] – September (Do not plant!!)
Wintercreeper Euonymus -[Euonymus fortune]– August (Do not plant!!)
Burning Bush – [Euonymus alatus] – July (Do not plant!!)
Norway Maple – [Acer platanoides] June  (Do not plant!!)
Japanese Knotweed – [Polygonum cuspidate] – May   (Do not plant!!)
Callery Pear – [Pyrus calleryana] – March  (Do not plant!!)
Atlantic White Cedar, aka False Cypress [Chamaecyparis thyoides] – February
Eastern Red Cedar [Juniperus virginiana] – January


Christmas Trees – December
Ash – November [see also – Emerald Ash Borer]
Fall Planting – October
Pawpaw – [Asimina triloba] – September
– [Oxydendrum arboretum] – August
Tree Lilac – [Syringa reticulata] – July
Flowering Dogwood – [Cornus Florida] – June
Saucer Magnolia – [Magnolia soulangiana] – May
White Fringe Tree – [Chionanthus virginicus] – Apr
Eastern Redbud – [Cercis Canadensis] – Mar
Witchhazel – [Hamamelis x intermedia] – Feb
Douglas Fir – [Pseudotsuga menzesii ] – Jan


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Christmas Trees [Firs, pines, red cedars and spruce] — Dec
Osage Orange [Maclura pomifera]  — Nov
Sycamore [Platanus occidentalis & x acerifolia]  — Sept
Catalpa   [Catalpa speciosa]  — Aug
Littleleaf Linden [Tilia cordata]  — Jul
Red Oak [Quercus rubra]  — Jun
Okame Cherry [Prunus x Okame]  — May
Allegheny Serviceberry   [Amelanchier laevis] — Apr
Arborvitae   [Thuja occidentalis]  — Feb
Shagbark Hickory  [Carya ovate] — Jan


Fraser Fir   [Abies fraseri]  —  Dec
Eastern White Pine   [Pinus strobus]  —  Nov
Red Maple  [Acer rubrum]  — Oct
Japanese Katsura    [Cercidophyllum japonicum]  — Sept
River Birch   [Betula nigra]  — Aug
American Beech   [Fagus grandifolia]  — Jul
Sweetgum   [Liquidambar styraciflua]  — Jun
Saucer Magnolia   [Magnolia soulangiana] — May
Tulip Tree    [Liriodendron tulipifera]  — Apr
Blue Atlas Cedar  [Cedrus atlantica]  — Mar
Norway Spruce   [Picea abies]  — Feb
Japanese Cedar  [Cryptomeria japonica]  — Jan


American Holly #2  [Ilex opaca]  — Dec
American Larch  [Larix Americana]  — Nov
Sourwood  [Oxydendrum   arboretum]  — Aug
European Weeping Beech  [Fagus sylvatica ‘Pendula’]  — Jul
Dogwood  [Cornus florida]  — Jun
Redbud [Cercis Canadensis]  — Apr
Magnolia  [Magnolia grandiflora   Dwarf]  — Mar
American Holly [Ilex opaca ‘Jersey Princess’] — Jan


Eastern Red Cedar  [Juniperus virginiana] — Dec
Black Gum   [Nyssa sylvatica]  — Nov
Sassafras   [Sassafras albidum]  — Oct
Black Locust  [Robinia pseudoacacia]  — Sept


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