Celebrating National Trails Day at the Johnson Trolley Trail

Celebrate National Trails Day on Saturday, June 4th with the dedication of the newly refurbished Johnson Trolley Trail (at the end of Whitehead Road Extension).  Join Mayor Bert Steinman and the Township Council at 10 a.m. at the ceremony opening the newly renovated Ewing portion of the Johnson Trolley Trail and then try it out…

The Johnson Trolley Trail is the bed of an old trolley, known as the “Fast Line,” run by the Trenton-Princeton Traction Company from appr. 1901/1940.  Fares were only 10¢. Today, you can walk or bike the right-of-way abandoned by the former trolley company for free on a restored trail.  The trail is split up into two sections, north and south, which are split by Interstate 95.  The Ewing section is the terminus of the southern section.  Restoration of this final piece under Ewing control has been completed.  Join us as we celebrate this historic addition to Ewing trails.

For more information about the restoration see our Trails page.

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