FeederWatch Update

by Lee Farnham

Sometimes, when you look forward to doing Feeder Watch each week, you build yourself up by expecting to see something new (a new bird, a record number of one Species, a bird that shouldn’t be in this area, etc.).  This past weekend was not a good one for that because it combined a number of different weather related events To keep the numbers quite modest.  The rain started early Saturday afternoon, and didn’t stop until late on Sunday afternoon, that wasn’t fun.  Higher temperature may have had an effect too.

Consider these numbers, for example:

  1. We’ve been averaging around 45-50 Goldfinches for the season, but saw only 8 while we were watching!
  2. Likewise, White-Throated Sparrows were down to three, Mourning Doves were 10 and House Finches just four.
  3. On the other hand, Cardinals were seven, pretty high; it was fun to watch them zooming around the safflower feeder and perching on the Sunflower Hearts feeder, and then sitting on nearby branches watching others.
  4. Several species were higher than normal, three Downy Woodpeckers and TWO Hairys, three Titmice, three Carolina Chickadees and a relative, one Black Capped Chickadee.

The temperature was pretty mild when compared with weekends past, and it got over 60 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, which had its effect too.

Strangest of all was something we didn’t report to Feeder Watch:  on Wednesday a.m. around 0800, we counted 83 Goldfinches on our feeders, the deck rail, the deck, in the trees and around the Sunflower Heart feeder!!!  Maybe they were stocking up for the seasonal change which will take them elsewhere, it was quite a sight.

Six weekends are left in this season’s Feeder Watch reporting; we’re looking forward to reporting some Pileated Woodpeckers if we’re lucky.  They’re around; we saw one on an early morning dog walk this week, so maybe we’ll report our first for the year hammering away at the suet next weekend.  Here’s hoping.

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