Project Feederwatch Report January 23rd & 24th

Former Ewing Environmental Commissioner Lee Farnham is a long term participant in Project FeederWatch, a citizen-science project that changes the way observers see birds.  Participants observe birds in their own backyards, helping scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology track what’s happening with feeder birds across the continent (US and Canada.  More than 15,000 FeederWatchers come from all walks of life, including people of all ages and levels of bird-watching skill. Here is his report for January 23 & 24, 2021.

“This was our 295th count since 2005, and we reported a bird we’d NEVER seen here before, the beautiful Baltimore Oriole male.  He even was on the Sunflower seed feeder for a moment. How gorgeous!!! We saw him first at the other side of the yard, at 1157 on 1/23. He then flew across to the feeder area and spent a short while in the Japanese Holly bush between the Safflower and Sunflower feeders before going to the Cardinal Ring on the Sunflower seed feeder. Goldfinches were on it at the time; but kept their distance. His last position was on our Black Cherry tree before he flew off. He was here 15-20 minutes, and he’s welcome to return. In our 295 submissions to FW since 2005, this is the first BALTIMORE ORIOLES we’ve reported. My wife saw him too, as did our cat. They were both enchanted too.”

For full details containing all birds seen go to:

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