FeederWatch Update

Red-bellied_Woodpeckerby Lee Farnham

(EEC Chair Lee Farnham is a long term participant in Project FeederWatch, a citizen-science project that changes the way observers see birds.  Participants observe birds in their own backyards, helping scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology track what’s happening with feeder birds across the continent (US and Canada).  More than 15,000 FeederWatchers come from all walks of life, including people of all ages and levels of bird-watching skill. Here is his report for Dec 19th and 20th.)

The cold weather this weekend definitely helped the overall species count as my cat and I logged 15 species after watching early morning Saturday for about an hour, and mid-afternoon on Sunday until dusk.

Three species of woodpecker were seen:  Red Bellied, Hairy (2) and Downy (3).  They’re attracted to our suet, but also to our sunflower hearts.  Goldfinches come from the sunflower hearts and Thistle, as do Northern Juncos.  House Finches like sunflower hearts as do White-Breasted Nuthatches, and the White-Throated Sparrows, who come at dusk, like the Cardinal.

The safflower feeder is most popular with Titmice and Carolina Chickadees, also with House Finches.  A solitary Mourning Dove was seen beneath it, but they’ve been notable by their absence this year.  A solitary Black Capped Chickadee came by, a first for us, and was followed by a regular visitor, the Carolina Wren.

The Brown Creeper finally put in an appearance, his first this year during FW time….we were thrilled to see him.

If you enjoy observing the natural world around you and its wildlife participants and would like more information about Project FeederWatch, check out their website at feederwatch.org or email the EEC at ewingec@gmail.com.

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